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Rapid response UK, EU and global medical repatriations with a guaranteed bed-to-bed service.

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Professional Standards. Rapid, global response medical repatriations with a guaranteed bed-to-bed service.

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For a safe, efficient and speedy way to bring a seriously ill patient home, or move them to a specialist hospital or higher level of medical care, Capital Air Ambulance is the swiftest and simplest solution to providing the ultimate bed-to-bed service and guaranteed peace of mind. 

Bespoke Transfers

Capital delivers tailored packages, including medical escorts on commercial flights for those patients well enough to travel on a scheduled service, the transfer of multiple patients of all ages with any injury or medical condition, and inter-UK hospital transfers.

Image of paediatric service.
Image of paediatric services.


Capital have a specialist team of paediatric doctors, nurses & paramedics with extensive UK training and experience. We are able & equipped to provide expert care for children of all ages including those who require critical care, including international transfer between intensive care units.


With our fleet of aircraft we are able to provide repatriation or emergency transfer of neonatal patients by fixed wing air ambulance from across the UK and internationally.

The Ultimate bed-to-bed service

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Capital Air Ambulance provide rapid response UK, EU and global medical repatriation services with a guaranteed bed-to-bed service. With a critical
care-equipped fleet of air ambulances and a highly trained medical team, Capital operates the UK’s leading specialist air ambulance service.

Founded in 1991 and acquired by Centreline AV Limited, a Pula Aviation Services Limited (PASL) business in 2021, our team is available 24/7/365 at our Bristol Airport home base to bring a patient home to the UK or transfer them to a higher level of medical care.


Capital provides an air ambulance medical repatriation service for patients who need to return to the UK from European destinations, whether insured or privately funded.

Our King Air aircraft can accommodate up to two patients using our single or dual LifePort stretcher system, together with our medical staff and at least one travelling companion. Each air ambulance flight is fully equipped to meet the highest UK standards, to care for patients of all ages with any injury or medical condition. Our UK-based medical staff are recruited on the basis of their skills, training and experience as doctors, nurses and paramedics.

If a patient is unable to fly home- and is searching for alternative medical transportation, Capital can provide ground ambulance transfers within the UK and from most European destinations.


Capital Air Ambulance’s medical team are highly experienced in a number of specialist areas, such as the care of critically ill patients on the intensive care unit.

Our resources include specialist adult and paediatric equipment to care for patients with acute and chronic medical conditions, with a full critical care capability provided on board the King Air aircraft ambulance fleet for patients requiring such care at the outset, or in the event that a medical condition deteriorates during the journey.


Each patient transport mission is fully and accurately planned and briefed to all medical stakeholders. Our medical team accompany patients throughout their journey and transfer them seamlessly to a UK hospital, providing an unparalleled quality and continuity of care from start to finish.

Capital Air Ambulance iaccredited by EURAMI for advanced critical care air ambulance operations for adult and paediatric patients, including a medical escort service on commercial airline flights worldwide. Capital is also accredited by the CQC for the practice of health and social care services in England and holds a Home Office license for controlled drugs.

Rapid, global response medical repatriations with a guaranteed bed-to-bed service. 

Image of Capital Air Ambulance Transporter Aero trolley.


The alternative of manually lifting a heavy incubator and then strapping it to a standard ambulance trolley presents a risk to patients and staff. The Transporter Aero trolley reduces risk and provides a smooth bed-to-bed experience for the smallest of patients.

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Image of Lucy AAC at Centreline.


Capital Air Ambulance is proud to announce an exciting new chapter in its longstanding relationship with Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC). 

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Image of Capital Air Ambulance Paediatric service.

Capital Air ambulance Launch Paediatric Service

The Bristol-based operator’s air ambulance fleet is now equipped for the safe and efficient transfer of children across all ages, and primed to meet the needs of almost all complex emergencies including critical care patients.

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our team

What sets Capital Air Ambulance apart from other air ambulance operators is the calibre of its team and the high-quality care provided.

Malcolm Humphries


Malcolm Humphries is the Training Manager for Capital Air Ambulance. Malcolm has over seventeen thousand hours of flying time and held the posts of Managing Director, Chief Pilot and Chief Training Captain for more than 20 years at Capital. Malcolm has vast experience and knowledge as both an instructor and examiner.

Lisa Humphries

Business Development Director

Lisa Humphries is the Business Development Director for Capital Air Ambulance. Lisa has over 30 years’ experience in aviation and started Capital Air Ambulance with her husband, Malcolm, more than 30 years ago. Lisa oversees Capital Air Ambulance’s commercial and customer relation activities.



Dr Rowan Hardy is the Medical Director for Capital Air Ambulance. Dr Hardy is an experienced consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine with 16 years’ experience at the Royal United Hospital. Dr Hardy focuses on patient care whilst overseeing the medical team’s safety program and standard operating procedures.

Carl Era RN


Carl Era RN is the Flight Nurse Co-ordinator for Capital Air Ambulance. Carl has undertaken over 150 flights at Capital and has over 30 years of Intensive Care experience in Adult Trauma, Neuro Trauma, Cardio Thoracic, Aviation Critical Care Medicine, and has most recently expanded his experience into Specialist Neonatal Intensive Care. 

Heather Glendinning

Head of Medical Services

Heather Glendinning is Head of Medical Services for Capital Air Ambulance. Heather has over 15 years experience with Capital in flight operations and medical assistance. Heather has overall responsibility for the day to day management of our medical repatriations.


Image of Medical Services Coordinator job opening.

King Air 200 Flight Crew

King Air 200 Flight Crew required for our dedicated Air Ambulance operation flying within the UK and throughout Europe.

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We care for the full spectrum of patients with acute and chronic medical conditions.

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