Capital Air Ambulance has successfully been re-accredited by EURAMI (the European Aero-Medical Institute) as a Regional Fixed Wing Air Ambulance and Commercial Airline Medical Escort.

The EURAMI accreditation acknowledges Capital as providing high quality, safety and excellence in aero-medical transportation with an endorsement in Adult and Neonatal Critical Care.

With the EURAMI re-accreditation audit taking place every three years, accreditation from the globally recognised institution establishes Capital as having the operational experience, dedicated qualified personnel & infrastructure, and suitable aircraft/equipment in its air ambulance and medical escort operations.

Lisa Humphries, Head of Medical and Charter Sales at Capital Air Ambulance, says, “We are delighted Capital has been re-accredited by EURAMI who set exceptionally high standards in the areas of safety and excellence in aviation medicine. Having evaluated a number of criteria for accreditation, it’s excellent that Capital continue to demonstrate the highest level of service to our customers, clients, and partners.”