Air Ambulance

Patient transfer, retrieval and medical repatriation services

If you need a safe, efficient and speedy way to bring a seriously ill patient home, or move them to a better or more appropriate hospital or level of medical care, a Capital Air Ambulance is the simplest solution.

Our fully equipped medical aircraft will transport our highly qualified medical staff to your location to assess and, if necessary, treat you or the patient and then transfer them to the most appropriate final destination, whether that be to a hospital or to a different facility, or to your/their own house.

  • Fully equipped medical aircraft, aerocare air ambulance and highly qualified medical experts.
  • Ground ambulance transfers to safely take you from the hospital to the airport both in your current location and at your final destination.
  • Liaison, professional co-operation and handover with medical professionals in both current location and destination.
  • Experienced operations staff, trained to organise, co-ordinate and facilitate the logistics of the transfer, retrieval or medical repatriation process.
  • In-house linguists covering a variety of languages, aiding communication between you and medical professionals in your current location.
  • Acquisition and translation of medical documents to enable optimum understanding of your clinical situation