Medical Case Handling

What is medical repatriation?

Most people have a good idea of what an air ambulance flight looks like, but they often aren’t aware of the extensive work that goes on behind the scenes to manage the care of a patient from the first phone call to their safe arrival at the receiving medical facility. Like any efficient and safe process, providing a high quality patient transfer or retrieval requires precision planning, attention to detail, good research and expert communication and that is where Capital Air Ambulance comes into its own.

Capital Air Ambulance provides a comprehensive range of medical case handling service, including:

  • Advice to patients, families, medical colleagues, travel insurers, medical assistance companies, and other interested parties on the suitability of various types of medical transport
  • Providing information and detail of the processes involved in repatriation, transfer or retrieval
  • Being an industry-focused point of expert opinion for all things medical, but especially issues related to the transfer of patients for expert specialist care or for repatriation when the patient is considered fit enough for the journey home
  • Acquiring medical reports from overseas hospital, clinics and medical staff
  • Translation of medical reports by expert linguists with medical terminology training
  • Preparing medical reports for receiving hospital teams and medical practitioners, GPs or other authorised parties
  • Preparing patient transport reports on individual patients
  • Preparing audit reports for the generic performance of our aviation and medical department
  • Organising ground ambulances at either side of a flight.
  • Using our translators to book overseas agents and partners, and work with them to the benefit of individual cases.
  • Booking of taxis, hotels, and other services that may be required for individual air ambulance mission.
  • Maintain communications with multiple interested parties and agents such as: the patient, traveling companions, next of kin, treating doctor/team overseas and at the receiving facility, surface transport partners, airport handling agents, medical assistance and travel insurance operatives, border control agencies, and many more
  • Booking of alternative modes of transport such as helicopters, ships/ferries, trains and long-distance ground ambulances.
  • Acquiring specialist advice on aspects such as personal security, serious health hazards, legal issues overseas, border/visa issues and so on
  • Booking the most appropriate flight medical team, in terms of seniority, experience and specialty
  • Ensuring all medical equipment is checked and prepared for each mission
  • Planning the timings and co-ordinating the whole mission profile
  • Tracking each mission in real time and, if necessary, chasing flight medical crew for patient and logistic updates throughout each mission
  • Notifying all necessary parties of the progress of each individual mission an anything unexpected or untoward that has occurred
  • Case closure which involves data inputting, writing and reporting a summary of transfer events, checking, reporting and dealing with patient and other customer feedback

All, or any combination, of the services listed above are available even if you already have transport arranged for the patient.