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​Portable Isolation Unit available for COVID-19 cases

The new Capital Air Ambulance new Portable Isolation Unit (PIU) is now fully operational. The PIU is a self-contained negative pressure device that facilitates the safe transfer of patients with contagious, infective diseases, such as COVID-19.

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​Repatriation services from COVID-19 hot spots

Capital Air Ambulance is working closely with health and travel authorities to offer secure medical repatriation flights for clients that become injured or fall otherwise unwell in high risk areas where COVID-19 is present.

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Meet the Flying Doctor

An air ambulance flight medic recounts their first repatriation mission

Dr Noamaan Wilson-Baig is an anaesthetist in an NHS hospital in North West England and Academic Fellow In Anaesthesia. In August 2019, he joined Capital Air Ambulance in the role of Critical Care Flight Medic, undertaking missions around the world to bring sick and injured people home to the UK. He describes his first impressions of providing medical care ‘in the air’ – and how being an air ambulance flight medic differs from his day-to-day role inside an NHS hospital, where his feet remain firmly on the ground.

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Teamwork ensures a safe transfer for Guernsey critical care patient

One of the things that sets Capital Air Ambulance apart from other air ambulance operators is the calibre of our team and the high-quality care they provide. Capital aims to offer the most comprehensive and high-quality service in the sector, with medical teams accompanying patients throughout their journey and transferring them seamlessly to a UK hospital - providing an unparalleled quality and continuity of care, from start to finish.

This superlative approach to patient care is perhaps no better illustrated than by a recent overnight medevac mission from Guernsey, to the mainland, for specialist trauma care.

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Capital Air Ambulance Medic shares his experience

Dr Liam Scott, a flight doctor for Capital Air Ambulance, has shared his experience of flying across Europe, repatriating people injured or taken ill while abroad.

Dr Scott specialises in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine.

The article appeared in the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine's "Trainee Eye" national publication, which provides news and articles for intensive care trainees.

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Capital Air Ambulance accredited by International Assistance Group

Capital Air Ambulance has been appointed an Accredited service Provider within the International Assistance Group, the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and providers.

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Capital Air Ambulance leads the way in professional development with unique simulator

Global aero-medical specialists Capital Air Ambulance have designed and built a unique air ambulance simulator to enable flight medics to train in a realistic setting.

Using the entire fuselage of a King Air aircraft, one of the aircraft types that forms the backbone of the Capital Air Ambulance fleet, CAA engineers spent several months kitting it out with not only the same standard of medical equipment as every aircraft in the fleet, but installing screens to recreate the working environment of being in the air.


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Capital’s high calibre recruitment guarantees high quality care

Outstanding patient care - that is at the heart of everything we do. One of the many ways that we ensure delivery of the high quality, bed-to-bed service that we’ve built our reputation upon is through the selection, training and continued education of the Capital Air Ambulance Flight Medical Crew (FMC).

When we recruit a new doctor, nurse or paramedic, we understand that they represent us as a company on the 'front line' of our operations. They deliver the all-important direct patient care and their skill, experience and compassion is what defines us to our patients.

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​Uninsured travellers turn to Capital Air Ambulance to bring them home

A recent survey revealed that almost 50% of holidaymakers had no idea if their travel insurance covered their needs – and a majority either undertook high risk activities during their trip without checking if they were covered in the event of an accident, or committed to a trip without knowing if urgent treatment for a pre-existing condition would be covered.

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Why Capital’s bed-to-bed service sets it apart from the rest

If you need the services of an air ambulance, you need to make sure you choose one you can trust.

In Capital Air Ambulance you are choosing a firm with 26 years’ experience in delivering rapid-response global medical repatriation flights 24/7, 365 days a year.

We offer the ultimate bed-to-bed service, for both chronically and critically unwell patients, that provides guaranteed peace of mind - and is simply second to none. Day or night, the moment you call the Capital Air Ambulance support team, our service swings into action to bring your client home. You can reassure them that help is on its way as we immediately step in to arrange a seamless repatriation flight for the patient.

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