Capital’s high calibre recruitment guarantees high quality care

Outstanding patient care - that is at the heart of everything we do. One of the many ways that we ensure delivery of the high quality, bed-to-bed service that we’ve built our reputation upon is through the selection, training and continued education of the Capital Air Ambulance Flight Medical Crew (FMC).

When we recruit a new doctor, nurse or paramedic, we understand that they represent us as a company on the 'front line' of our operations. They deliver the all-important direct patient care and their skill, experience and compassion is what defines us to our patients.

We are very careful, therefore, with our process of recruitment. Each member of our FMC has a proven track record of achievement in the National Health Service. They already possess a wealth of knowledge and experience prior to joining our company. Each individual is interviewed in person by our Medical Director and must pass a test of knowledge and application.

Following the interview, successful candidates are entered into our high-quality in-house induction training course. The course covers topics such as aviation physiology, the flight environment and how to plan and undertake a successful aeromedical retrieval mission. There are both practical and classroom based activities.

Following the Induction Course, the new member of FMC is closely mentored for their first ten retrieval missions, followed by a formal appraisal and performance review with our Medical Director. Once fully inducted, each member of FMC has a yearly appraisal and must attend at least one additional training day per year. These are run at regular intervals throughout the year and are designed to be a great educational opportunity. They include presentations, case-based discussions, small workshops and simulation training.

We are continually improving our training and education programme, as we understand its importance to our continued success. Currently, we are building a brand new high-fidelity simulation facility at our base in Exeter. This will include a real aircraft fuselage, seats and stretcher with audio-visual aids; allowing us to simulate transfer missions with a high degree of realism. This, to our knowledge, is unique in the industry.

In parallel to this, we are developing a new suite of Capital Air Ambulance online learning modules, in partnership with a specialist in medical education. These resources will include educational and instructional videos and knowledge tests. They will be available to all members of the FMC to study, anywhere in the world.

As a company, we believe in the quality of our staff. Investing in their education and training will always be an important part of what we do.

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