Capital Air Ambulance stores a wide range of specialist equipment at its Bristol base for use in its daily medical operations. One of those items, believed to be unique worldwide, is the Transporter Aero trolley, which carries the incubator safely in a UK road ambulance, lifts the incubator into the aircraft and is then disassembled into the aircraft cargo area to be used again at the patient destination.

The alternative of manually lifting a heavy incubator and then strapping it to a standard ambulance trolley presents a risk to patients and staff. The Transporter Aero trolley reduces risk and provides a smooth bed-to-bed experience for the smallest of patients.

The trolley was designed and built by Paraid under the guidance of Capital Air Ambulance, Lia’s Wings charity and the London Neonatal Transfer Service. This innovation was enabled through collaboration between private companies, a charity and an NHS specialist team to help deliver the best possible patient care.

“Lia’s Wings will always strive to invest in innovative, specialist equipment that will enable us to provide the best possible experience to the families that need us. Our Lia’s Wings incubator has safely transported many babies between hospitals, and the development of the Transporter Aero trolley now ensures that the babies that we look after can be put in and taken out of the aircraft with minimal risk of any kind.  Another key benefit of this brilliant piece of equipment is that it will enable us to better look after our medical teams, as it is safer and easier for them to use. We are so proud that we can offer this level of care,” said Charlotte Young, CEO of Lia’s Wings.

Capital Air Ambulance is proud to be a key delivery partner with Lia’s Wings and support the charity’s mission to ensure that babies and critically ill children can access specialist treatment and care, wherever they are in the UK.

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